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I was in a 4 star hotel on the outskirts of Leicester, while working in the vicinity. As usual, use of gym and pool, partly because of boredom and partly to keep fit. I had done before in the gym and from about 20 lengths of the karupsha karupsha pool and noticed the same type of gym has just finished his previous rounds. I watched a couple of times but I alrady heard from him. I was standing at one end in the pool, and began to talk - gossip in the first place, but karupsha looked me up and down. I'm almost six feet, lean and muscular. It was the same, but had a tanned complextion, but I'm sure most women who describe him as a good receiver. I had a couple of the first three sums with my ex, and she also taught me skills to suck his cock, so I liked a cock from time to time - but women were my normal treatment. said you have a very nice body and smiled, still looking me up and down. I also thought - on a dime and told him he had a beautiful. He looked over the steam room and asked when it was not yet. I told him I had not asked if it was worth a try. He answered and said he was on his way in. I gi I have a go and join him, said that in a few minutes. 'I can not wait,' he said. 'I,' I said. I waited a few minutes and went in. It was a long and narrow and banks on the side and also at the center. I could not see, especially steam, but heard a ' here at' the end. Now I realize now why I suggested - you can not see what is happening! - And we were the only ones karupsha there, and 09th clock 30 years. , I found it and sat down - very close - at his side. He had removed his hand gently on her swimsuit masturbation. I said, 'good' and kissed him with real passion, then reached into his shorts and took over the duties of masturbation. He complained of a beautiful 7 ' cock and it was sweet when I had masturbated and kissed. How it was so quiet, I took a gamble and pulled his shorts, his penis and testicles and bent and began to suck his nice hason Hahn. He had a unique flavor and some of his pre -cum to my efforts. It was mildly complaining about how good it was to go on, and sucking cock like it. I have karupsha more problems and rubbed his balls while sucking I and spat on his finger and gently ran her beautiful shaved ass really makes his cock throb in my mouth. 'Oh, yes that's good,' he complained, so until my fingers lubricated with saliva and pre -cum - and let it slowly all the way into her tight hole. ducked my ass and slid his hand on the back of the pants to pay for the pleasure, lubricate and fingers gently. All the while blowing stronger, and now had two lubricated fingers into her beautiful ass. managed to continue for about 5 minutes and said, 'fuck I'm going to end,' got his cock pop out of my mouth for a moment and told him I wanted his cum in the throat - and then suction His fingers did. I felt his penis throb and beat andI felt the karupsha first spurt of cum hit the back of my throat, and then another 6 in my mouth. I sucked it slowly, pulling a finger karupsha out of his ass, but do not swallow yet. After a few seconds I ran into the air and kissed him again - he shares his sperm still warm with him. We kissed and pSite their sperm and back a bit and spat some on his finger and put it back in my ass - cum nice and lubricated. We think it best to leave before they were captured, karupsha and I said : 'Room 219 - in 15 minutes' karupsha See the second part for the rest of the afternoon activities !
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